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The Happy Travellers; or, a Trip to France

Published 1817
Author Vaux, Frances Bowyer
Title The Happy Travellers; or, a Trip to France. For the Amusement of Young Persons. By F. B. Vaux, Author of “Domestic Pleasures,” &c.
Publisher’s imprint London: Printed for Darton, Harvey, and Darton, Gracechurch-Street. 1817.
Printer’s colophon Darton, Harvey, & Co. Printers, Gracechurch-Street, London.
Format 12o; 1 vol.: pp. [3]-187; plate (front.)
Sources lst Google; NSTC 2V1667
Copy inspected BL RB.23.a.13874

1) This is a storybook travelogue or travel fiction for children, as other Darton publications with similar titles. It remains included here as an example of this wider sub-genre, although one not generally treated at present by the database.

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Genre Narrative
BTW record no. BTW1190
Region France

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