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Louisa Anne Twamley

Twamley, Louisa Anne, later Meredith, 1812—1895

Louisa Anne Twamley was born in Birmingham, the daughter of Thomas Twamley (1757-1834), miller and corn inspector, and Louisa Anne Twamley, née Meredith (1769-1840). Her early works include Poems (1836) and The Romance of Nature (1836), a poetical-botanical volume with coloured plates depicting individual flowers, dedicated to Wordsworth. An Autumn Ramble on the Wye (1838) was her first travel book, published the year before she married her cousin, Charles Meredith (1811-1880), and removed to Sydney, New South Wales. Further travel writings built on her experiences there and at the Meredith estates in Van Diemen's Land: Notes and Sketches of New South Wales (1844), My Home in Tasmania (1852), and Over the Straits: A Visit to Victoria (1861).


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Title Published
An Autumn Ramble on the Wye 1838

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