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Lady Henrietta Georgiana Marcia Lascelles Chatterton

Chatterton, Lady Henrietta Georgiana Marcia Lascelles née Iremonger, later Dering, 1806—1876

Henrietta Iremonger was the daughter of Rev. Lascelles Iremonger (d. 1830), prebendary of Winchester, and his wife Harriet, née Gambier. In 1824, she married Sir William Abraham Chatterton, baronet (1794-1855). She began her publishing career in 1837 with a novel and her second book, Rambles, proved popular, reaching a second edition. She continued to publish novels, poems, essays, and translations, as well as two more travel books, Home Sketches and Foreign Recollections (3 vols, 1841) and The Pyrenees, with Excursions into Spain (2 vols, 1843). Home Sketches includes an account of her travels in Germany accompanied by her niece, Maria Frances Dickson, whose earlier Souvenirs in Germany (1839) provides another perspective of the tour.


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Title Published
Rambles in the South of Ireland 1839

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